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Eric walks for the first time ...

We experiences a powerful time in Lokichar, Turkana. Yesterday was the climax of the meetings where the emphasis was on receiving the call for local Turkana's to go into the Nations. The altar call, and the huge group of people standing and seeking an encounter with the Lord was moving. God confirmed his Word and we saw healing’s and deliverance. This little boy called Eric could not stand for 5 whole years. His mum brought him to the meeting. Crippled as he was, he had calassed hands and feet from scurrying around on the floor his whole life. Jesus touched him on Sunday night and he could not only stand but also walk and dance. The mother shed tears of joy. Glory to God! Thanks for keeping us in your prayers and for helping to make this mission possible. God is so good!

Eric standing for the first time in 5 years


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