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Short Update from the Himalayas

Our dear friends and family,  It has been a while and with a short greeting I just want to give you a brief update what Josh and I have been up to and where we feel God is leading us in this new year.  We praise god for all the amazing blessings and miracles he has done this past year (2016). Getting adjusted to the U.K, all the blessings and helpful hands we had leading up to the wedding, finding a place to spend our first months as newly weds, finding a job and the list goes on of how thankful we are of the past year. 

Josh and I spend the new year being in the beautiful mountain ranges of the Himalayas.

Spending quality time with locals and other trackers in lodges sharing testimonies and having good deep conversations about faith and salvation.  One particular village we visited has been completely wiped out by an avalanche caused by the earthquake in May 2015. My heart broke when I heard all the devastating stories of the survivors who have lost loved ones though this tragedy and are only now slowly recovering and rebuilding their homes. Still living in the fear of being whipped out by another possible  landslide. The sense of hope

seems to be a endless struggle to locals who have lost everything and are forced to restart a lifestyle that took some a lifetime to build in the first place. Trekking through the mountains we saw locals carrying 80kg of wood on their backs, sometimes walking 3hrs one way. Just in order to get a foundation for their house set. This experience taught me so much and opened my eyes to how fragile and precious our one chance of life is, and what we make out of it. 

About Us:

Josh and I are moving into a new season of me (Jess) working as a qualified Occupational Therapist and working on getting professional experience and more knowledge of the OT picture as well as also seeking Gods plan for missions in the future. I have started working in a Neuro-Rehab Hospital in Tonbridge. This place truly gives me a lot of complex opportunities to gain experiance in my profession. Although spiritually I have felt a big battle at my work environment since their belief system is very different to what I believe. But God continues to work in miraculous ways and shows his love and mercy daily.  Josh on the other hand has been working at a design consultancy near Maidstone called Integrity for the last 3 years. Really gaining a lot of experience in working on different design projects for a range of companies. Josh has been so richly blessed to have this opportunity of working in this Godly work environment and gaining all this experience. Also feeling the urge of God leading him into new areas and new responsibilities in the near future.

Future plans

Things to Pray for - God to show us his timings on when and if we should move into full time missions. - Wisdom in steps to get there (finances, paperwork etc...) - My new job (OT) to get as much experience as I can to possibly can, to take out to the nations.

- To have divine appointments with people in our current season. 


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