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Food in the middle of a drought

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Over the last 2 years Turkana has missed out on some of Kenyas key monsoon rain, resulting in a drought, this has had knock on effects on the food harvest and lead to famine.

On the GFI website people can and have been donating towards getting food to these people, as there is often real need, even in years where there is no drought.

We believe deeply that where possible not only are we to help the local people in spiritual matters, by preaching the Gospel, but also with mercy and compassion, we should try to alleviate suffering where we are able to. As part of this mandate while we were in Northern Kenya preaching the gospel, we were able to fill up a truck with 30 bags of maze and beans, each bag costing around $100. After we had finished our meetings we were able to identify, through the local leadership, some of the most needy villages. We filled up 2 land cruisers, dove down dry river beds and distributed the food, and shared the motivation we have for doing this work.

I created a short clip that shows what this all looks like.

If you feel you have a heart to give towards these kinds of humanitarian works, wether it be drilling bore hole wells, donating key items like food, soap and education materials or even contributing towards putting a child through education, do check out the GFI donation page and get in touch as there is so much need.


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