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Gunshots in the Darkness: A Journey of Healing and Hope

Updated: Apr 22

Here is my translation and re-write from Amiel and Melina Sivarajah’s newsletter.

In the heart of Africa, where the sun scorches the earth and adventure lurks around every bend, a courageous team embarked on a life-changing medical mission from Kenya to South Sudan. Led by the indomitable Amiel, their journey unfolded like a tale from the annals of adventure.

The anticipation crackled in the air as they set off, their hearts brimming with eagerness to serve, some had been our mission station lead and operated by Seekign the Lost Mission, but for others, this was their first time, and they like you I am sure imagination lights up when you think of the wild places in South Sudan. Yet, little did they know that their path would soon be fraught with danger.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting long shadows across the rugged terrain, the team found themselves being hailed to a stop by police who had blocked the road. The road ahead is bad they said, there was an ambush a few moments before the team had arrived 2 people in vehicles were robbed and killed. They would have to spend the night in the town of Kinuk. Somewhere I had specifically put in my hand over notes (do not spend the night here)

Once people were settled into their basic motel rooms and deep in their sleep the tranquillity of the night shattered as the piercing sound of gunfire echoing through the darkness. With hearts pounding, they dropped to the floor and hid by their beds, their senses heightened as they braced for the unknown. Sammy and Amiel had made their way to the car thinking it best to keep an eye on it. The doors couldn't be 100% trusted to stay locked, and this car was their only hope of getting out of there if need be, but also it had all the medical supplies so it was also their only hope of continuing on with the mission. Funnily enough, Amiel and Sammy had stood back to back in a similar situation not too long ago fending off thugs who were trying to try to steal this very same vehicle, in almost the exact same place. You can read all about that adventure here.

The rest of the trip was smooth sailing, though I did leave out the part about a wheel almost falling off due to a faulty bearing... the team was able to see over 1200 patients between the Naliel mission station and the village of Nabois, the team worked tirelessly dispensed aid. Malaria tests revealed a staggering positivity rate, underscoring the region's healthcare plight. Yet, amidst the chaos, hope bloomed as the team shared the hope that can be found in Christ our lord and Saviour.

Our medical camp was only a week long and was designed to serve the missionaries who live there day in and day out, it was also designed to share the burden of reaching the Lost with the doctors and medical elite of the Kenyan towns in cities.

God bless you, please continue to pray and support us as we aim to reach the lost for Christ.


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