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Rough, rough roads...

Today was spent helping a family who's son (Our father in laws foster brother) died, due to a overdose of the wrong drug in the hospital. So so tragic. Life seems to be worth so very very little here. There is saying here "Being admitted to that hospital is the same as a death sentence."

As we have a trailer and a good 4x4 we helped to pack up the small 1 room home, and drive his few belongings to his family home. The road was very rough and hard going. In most places it was more like a single track mud path rather then any kind or road for vehicles, I had never driven on a road like it (and thats saying a lot for a guy that grew up in the Himalayas).

We spent the afternoon offloading and in fellowship with the grieving family. Through this I realised I really need to see God work in my heart to soften it. So much of the work out here is through relationships and there is so much burden and need.


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