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Uganda Scouting Trip

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

I am off to Uganda for a week, ahead of our planed time there in Jan/Feb. The aim is to scout out the lay of the land and help prepare the ground.

(A rough look at the trip, feel free to ignore the recommended drive time)

We are aiming to target the end of the school holidays in January, when a large majority of youth will be free for the events. We are looking to help organise and run a large football tournament, having youth and children events throughout the day around the tournament as well as evening and late night events for the young adults throughout the time we are there. These events are high energy with with lots of fun and entertainment and will draw large crowds. This is a great opportunity to share the Gospel.

I will be going this week to meet key leaders and authorities to ensure we gain all the necessary permissions for these events as well as ensure we can secure the appropriate facilities for both the meetings and football tournament.

While we are there we are also planing to run a similar set of events in Bide Bide - "the worlds largest refugee camp." Here the context will be different, the people will be different and the needs will be very different, so it is crucial that we gain a good understanding of the people there needs, beliefs and situation.

While I am there I am hoping to accomplish the following;

  • Understand the core needs in the area.

  • Meet all the key leaders and authorities to ensure our purpose is clearly established and we have all the relevant support needed.

  • Build relationship with these leaders, to envision them to ensure we are co-labouring and not working at odds.

  • Gain an understanding on what the human demographics are. So we can cater our events appropriately.

  • Build relationship with people who are already working in the area to ensure we are supporting local organisations and ministries.

  • Spend time getting to know the people in that region.

Please pray that this next week is successful as it will be foundational for the meetings in January.

I will be posting updates on Instagram stories if you are invested to see how we get along.

If you have any thoughts or questions as always please feel free to get in touch.



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