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Micro Kingdom Business

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

We are looking to help support GFI by making it more finically sustainable, by having it propped up by multiple sources of income we are calling "Micro Kingdom Businesses"

Over the next few months I will endeavour to provide more detail on each of these initiatives with lots of photos and videos, please feel free to ping me an email with any thoughts questions or suggestions.

1. Fish - Protein for orphans

Over the last few years GFI has been developing a fish farm where we are endeavouring to raise fish to donate to local orphanages to increase the amount of protein in their diet. We have been successful in this endeavour, however as there has been a significant financial input into the set up and upkeep of the program. We are keen and working towards to try to make the system more cost effective, increase the yield as well as produce larger and healthier fish to the point that the system is self sustainable.

2. Aquaponics - Vegetables for staff and orphans

One of the ways we are looking to develop and improve the fish farm is to modify the system to produce fruit, veg and crops as well as the Fish.

We are currently testing a small scale aquaponics system where fish waste is used to grow plants, this water is filtered by the plants and then returned to the fish as clean, there are numerous advantages to this method of farming, read more about aquaponics here.

If the small scale farm proves to be successful we would like to scale it up to incase the harvest of vegetables 100%. This veg would then be available to staff that work here, local orphanages with any left overs sold with the funds put back into the system. This will be a long term project that if successful we would like to roll out in more remote areas in East Africa.

3. 'Chooks' - Eggs for the staff

Another MKB we are looking to set up is an Egg farm that can can produce enough eggs for all the staff on base, with enough left over to cover the costs of the chickens with any excess plugged back into the main works of GFI.

We believe these small "MKBs" will be of enormous blessing to the GFI base, the GFI staff, the local community as well as an option for educational outreach and sharing the good news.

If you would like to help support us and the work we are doing out here we would greatly appreciate it, click here.

If you would like to contribute towards one or more of these projects or projects like these please click here.


Please note: GFI is already running many other short term and long term projects such as building wells, giving out food, cloths and basic medication as well as running a fully function car garage, we may showcase some of this work in the future but for more details on these activities please check out the GFI newsletter and GFI website.


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